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In stores Sept. 15, 2008 -
The Subatomic Anthology 1: One Step Beyond

Includes: "The Wriggling Death"

Subatomic Books: "Rock and roll meets speculative fiction in our first short story anthology. Contributors include Ken Scholes, Harold Gross, Steve Libbey, Sou MacMillan, Rhonda Eudaly, Sarah Hilary, Matthue Roth, Lee Johnson, C.L Holland, Charles Blank, Gerri Leen, Frank Gibbard, J. Michael Shell, James Stafford, Chloe Walker, Catherine Cole, Gillian Palmer, Aubry Newson, Dev Jarrett.

Industry veterans such as Ken Scholes (whose book Lamentation is out on Tor in January 2009), Harold Gross (who decides to live up to his name with “The Wriggling Death”), and Rhonda Eudaly (The Four Redheads of the Apocalypse) are joined by hot newcomers like Steve Libbey (co-author of the Secret World Chronicle with Mercedes Lackey) and Sou MacMillan."

One Step Beyond

Subatomic Books
ISBN: 0979391512

Another review for Little House on the Accretion Disk:

Tangent Online: "... a cosmic love story that gives a mythic take on the physics of the universe. The story reminded me of the opening chapter of Tolkien’s Silmarillion except in reverse. Creative and visually imaginative, this one will stay in your head for a while."

Reviews are coming in for Aeon #1 and Little House on the Accretion Disk

Locus (January 2005): "...Gordon Gross encompasses the death and rebirth of the entire cosmos in his touching hard SF love story, Little House on the Accretion Disk. -- Nick Gevers

Emerald City issue #111: "I’ve been very impressed with issue #1 of Aeon... I suspect that Aeon may represent a first sight of the future of SF magazines."

The Agony Column (11/11/04): "It must be said that Aeon is off to a mind-boggling start. With the first issue, you get short stories by Stephen Boyett (a reprint), Gordon Gross (actually the writing team of Eve Gordon and Harold Gross), Jay Lake, and Gene Wolfe, a short novel by Walter Jon Williams, 'Logs', that's an excerpt from the forthcoming capstone to his 'Dread Empire's Fall' trilogy, a column by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, and a novelette by British superstar author John Meaney. That's a stellar lineup by any evaluation. Editors Marti McKenna and Bridget McKenna have brought together a top-rate collection of writers for this electronic launch. "

A new sale:

Little House on the Accretion Disk will appear in Aeon Speculative Fiction available at fine electronic bookstores near your keyboard such as:,,
and fictionwise

We appear along with such luminaries as Gene Wolfe, Walter Jon Williams, John Meaney. Sure we're tickled!

Another review, this from SF Site:

"A Meeting Of Minds" by … Gordon Gross, is the legal nightmare of a man cryogenically frozen after an accident, who wakes up to find his identity has been usurped by a digital version of himself. The final twist in this tale makes it a must read.”

The first review (that we've seen anyway) is in. From Wigglefish:

A Meeting of Minds, by Gordon Gross (the name of the writing team Harold Gross and Eve Gordon), will blow the minds of its readers with its stylish fusion of artificial intelligence and cryogenics. When the too-aptly named Jaron Frieze awakens from a thirty-year stint in a freezer following a fatal car crash, he finds that everything in the world ­ his marriage, the laws regarding identity and ownership, and even himself ­ are no longer what they once were, and nothing like what he would have imagined. Can he assert his rights as the original Jaron Frieze when there's another, computer simulated, version of himself already in possession of his legal identity? The authors weave a vexing and flamboyant Gordian Knot, only to slice right through it with a genius twist.
So, who are we to argue?

Absolutely Brilliant in Chrome

Phobos Books
ISBN: 0972002634

Harold Gross

with Eve Gordon writing as Gordon Gross announce the (immanent) publication of

"Meeting of Minds"

part of

Absolutely Brilliant in Chrome

Now available on-line:
University Bookstore

and at booksellers near you.

Still available on shelves:


part of

Hitting the Skids in Pixeltown:
The Phobos Science Fiction Anthology

Now available on-line:
University Books

Hitting the Skids in Pixeltown

Phobos Books
ISBN: 0972002618

RUWattU8 marked Harold's first solo professional fiction sale as well as his first fiction writing award. This story was one of the top winners of the 2nd Annual Phobos Fiction Contest.

Also still available is a limited number of the co-authored (with Eve Gordon) Out of Warranty, that appeared in Analog (Double issue, 1999) available for $6 signed and shipped if you're attempting to create a full collection! Send us the request