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Haikus in honor of ICP 2002
by Dave Howell and Eric Yarnell

Supper in Seattle (haiku 1)

Pear gurgles in sauce,
Spoon dives into tender flesh-
earthquake shakes the stomach.

Supper in Seattle (haiku 2)

pommes de terre puree
the faintest trace lingers on...
a winter repast.

The New Iron Chefs of Issaquah accept the Purple Bottle of Success

Well, we learned a great deal this year. Most of all we learned just how good many of you are in the kitchen when challenged. We also learned a lot about logistics.

Our schedule wasn't what we had aimed for, but we think we know how to avoid going too late next year (assuming this 1-year tradition continues).

Click here to see the ceremonies and download the opening music and voice-over (if you're so inclined).


Above are the Iron Chefs (voted Best of Show) accepting the Purple Bottle from Chairman Kaga--forever to be a symbol of good cooking in Issaquah... or wherever we move. The Bottle will be passed forward to each successive winner.

To see the rest of the contestants, winners, and entries, click here.

Want better pictures or more information? Please email us.